Skate Sharpening

Here at DK'S Ice Skate Sharpening, we take extreme pride in our skate sharpening service, always taking the time to be certain the blade is precisely centered on the wheel with a series of test markings, making adjustments to the jig, front to back, up or down, until the blade is perfect on center. Your edges will always be perfect when you hop on the ice.  You will never have to compensate your stride due to an uneven edge

Radius of Hollow

The radius is sometimes referred to as “Hollow”or “Groove”.  Most likely you have never been asked what radius you’d like ground to your blades at your current skate shop, but hopefully so.  

A smaller radius results in “deeper hollow” more pronounced tips, a “sharper” feel and more edge with more surface area in contact with the ice, the player feels more “grip”, but sacrifices some “glide”or feels “drag”.

 A larger radius is the opposite, a more “shallow hollow” less pronounced tips, a not as “sharp” feel and less surface area in contact with the ice. This results in a feel of “less grip” but no “drag” – i.e. faster